“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." - Mahatma Ghandi

People Speak

Cam has helped me a lot with understanding the background of my adopted dogs. Attached is a picture of our first Siberian, Dakota. She has a great gift!!

- Kathryn Langenstein Trussell


I give gratitude and many thanks to Camille for helping me with Hen & her unexpected crossing.
Hen let Camille know what happened after her spay surgery & it was her choice to cross.
This information helped me with my grieving. Camille was able to help me find Jasmine
when the time was right. I understand my animals so much better now thanks to Camille!

- Theresa Sanders

I can't recall when we first learned of Camille and her ability to talk with our fur critters but it wasn't too long before we decided to try her. No regrets whatsoever because through her we learned a lot about our dogs/cats and knowing their thoughts made life a lot easier.

One of our dogs, Bailey, our first Siberian, was getting on in years and we wanted to know how she felt about things. She told us she had some aches and pains but over all felt pretty good with her lot in life. She was in no way shape or form ready to even think of the Bridge. She did thank us for being concerned and made it clear she would let us know when she was ready for help. Later on she thanked us for getting her all the help we were able to make coping with old age a bit easier. Bailey was suffering from some incontinence and I had gotten into the habit of waking her a couple of times per night to go out and do her business. She found that demeaning and being disturbed from sleep annoyed her so I was told in no uncertain terms to stop waking her and let her sleep. She would if really needed wake me to let her out. I did, she woke me if needed and other than a few accidents that continued right to the end.

The day did come when she told us she was tired and would appreciate our help in easing her to the Bridge. She had a request for us – did we want her to come back as she felt she still had unfinished business to do. She would understand if we let her go. There was no doubt in our minds about her returning so she told us how to find her again. She would be reflected in the eyes of her new self and we were to look for her there. A few months after her passing she came home to us as Balla, a rescue puppy from Norway House in Northern Manitoba. He had many of the same habits as Bailey, even to the special pooping spot in the dog yard and even knew some rudimentary obedience
commands without training. (Bailey had been an Obedience Trial Champion.)

One of our other Siberians, Daytro went through a couple of health crisis with Cancer but soldiered on through. The time came when he was very tired and we knew the time was coming to say goodbye. I had learned to "talk" with him thanks to Camille and he made it clear that life was becoming harder. He also told us through Camille that he did not want to spend another winter. We had made arrangements to take him on his last ride and the evening before I had a chat with him. He told me then that he didn't want to be a burden on us and said his goodbye to me. He left that night on his own with Kirby sleeping beside him. It was the first day of Winter.

Our Mostley Samoyed Kiowa suffered from bad hips and as he got older it became harder on him. We made the decision to say goodbye and although he was troubled because he knew his end time was here he still found time to practice his favourite thing – providing comfort to those who needed it. He had been a Therapy Dog for quite a few years and loved it. After he crossed the Bridge I was wondering how he was doing because we really hadn't "heard" from him unlike our others. Camille meditated with him and reported he was having a great time, was free of pain and was busy, busy, busy! He was almost dizzy from spinning around and around enjoying his new life. Kiowa had a habit of spinning around when happy, something that Cam did not know about before hand. She could only have gotten that from Kiowa.

Over the years we have practiced getting Camille to have a chat with our bunch just to help keep tabs on their outlook on life or to find out if there were some problems they had that needed attending to. She has certainly enlightened us to their world and given us an insight into why they do some of the things they do.

- Ron Husky Howllow, Dugald MB


Through her meditations with both of our cats, Camille has provided us very helpful insights into their behaviours. In fact, she completely transformed one of them – literally overnight – from a cat terrified of everything into a shy but affectionate one.

More importantly, we thought one of our cats had a behavioural problem, but Camille's insights identified it as a specific chronic health issue, which was subsequently confirmed through testing by our vet. Camille's insights and meditations have allowed us to assist our cat in healing herself, without the use of daily medications. The cat is much happier and healthier now :)

Colour us grateful!
- Jane & Adriano



Camille, you helped us (my pets and I):
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the transition out of this life and how to do it well. With your help I moved from never wanting to put another pet “to sleep again” to being able to have as magical experience as it can be.
  • Understand contract. What the pet has chosen to experience in this lifetime and what our contract is together. 
  • To understand that animals do truly have their own free will and make their own choices based on their contracts.
  • Develop a deeper connection to each other and better way of communicating with each other.

Camille, it has been and continues to be a pleasure to work with you. Thank you for doing the work you do! You change the lives of the people and pets you help! I continue to refer your servicesand I wish you much success! 

- Penni-Rae O.


I first learned of an animal intuitive by the name of Camille through a news article in the Winnipeg Free Press around late 2002. I, being a pet owner of two cats and a budgie, was very interested in what I read in that article, so I tucked it away with the intent of eventually making contact with Camille.

In 2004 of June I relocated to an area north of Winnipeg with my pets to reside with my fiancé. After about two months there, I wondered how my pets were feeling about this move and called Camille. I have had numerous occasions to contact Camille to connect with my pets since 2004 and through the years and as recent as Oct 2012.

Camille has the ability to connect, communicate and channel with animals and birds in life and after death. This I know first hand as she conveyed feelings and messages to me while they were alive and after they crossed over. The messages she communicated to me while they were alive, she could not possibly know the details of prior to connecting with them. The messages she conveyed to me after they crossed over gave me peace and helped me to grieve in a gentle way. 

I have contacted Camille in two situations where the pets were not mine and Camille would connect with them ONLY if I had the permission from their owners. I would get the permission and Camille would send me the messages that she received from these creatures and again there was no way she would have known what their situation was beforehand.

In one instance, the animal was and still is alive; the other, the creatures had perished in a fire.

I have referred other friends who own pets to Camille and they have been astonished when she would connect and then pass on the information. Her gift not only helped my pets, but helped me in a big way and for this I am so grateful to her and feel blessed that I made contact with her in 2004.

I would recommend that anyone who is concerned about their pets' well-being make contact with Camille as she has the ability to help.

– Diane D.


Camille is a very competent animal intuitive that we have had the privilege of working with on 2 of our dogs over the years.

She provided insightful and accurate information that's helped our family to deepen our appreciation and love for our dear pets. The suggestions she made really helped some issues turn around.

Camille has a real connection with animals and life in general and we're happy to have
made the connection with her!

- RGEdmonton AB
I had been worried about my cat, Greyson. He was on medicine for neurological issues and as a result was sluggish and gaining way too much weight. I wondered if he was unhappy. A friend suggested that I get in touch with Camille as she had been talking with her about  her cats. Well, Camille and I spent a half hour or so together on Skype along with Greyson. Through Camille I learned the Greyson missed going outside terribly and that I should work to make his environment more outdoorsy by adding more plants (kitty-safe, of course) and trees for him to climb. We discussed many other things and I have taken most of her suggestions to heart and I'm happy to say that although Greyson is still overweight, he seems to enjoy life much more. 

Thank you, Camille, from Greyson and me!
- Cindy K.


Dante and Dexter

Camille has communicated with both of my cats,  & since then things have gotten so much better. She had a real good sense of each one's personality, that usually no one really knows except me.

Since talking with Camille, both of the boys have been a lot calmer, & seem to feel a lot more secure now. Dexter's anxiety has really improved. And there was an instant improvement to Dante's situation. If the boys ever need another session with an animal communicator in the future. I will definitely be asking Camille to talk with them.

Camille connected with my boys on a level of love, respect, & security. The animals seem to know that Camille loves them & they feel safe with her. 

Otherwise they would not communicate with her. And I feel that they had a great session with her, because she really had a good sense of their personalities, & how they each felt.

- Tina • Lloydminster AB

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